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Member Database

  • Contains all historical information since inception.
  • Is permanent and available to each committee member as they enter their role.
  • Security model ensures that only current committee members get administrative access.

Document Vault

  • Upload important club documents to a hosted environment where they will never get lost again.
  • Documents can be restricted to committee-only or general viewing.
  • Publish and distribute files to club members.


  • Your web-based access point to the entire Majestri back-end.
  • Can act as your public-facing club website.
  • Content is extremely easy to create.
  • Can be themed to visually match your club’s existing website if you’d like to keep it and run the two side-by-side.

Photo Albums

  • Upload a collection of photos taken at a club event.
  • Group them together in a photo album, complete with narrations.
  • Publish them as a gallery to any web page.

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