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Email/SMS Messaging

  • Committees can target:
    • Everybody in the club
    • Everybody who registered in an event
    • Players on a team
    • Multiple teams
    • Coaches and Managers only
    • People in groups you’ve created
  • Coaches and Managers can communicate with players and parents on their team.
  • Messages directed to minors will automatically be routed to parents/guardians as defined by the original registration.
  • Copies can be configured to also send to additional addresses.

Resolve Delivery Issues

  • See a set of all members where emails failed to be delivered to their recorded address.
  • For temporary delivery issues, lift the block and start attempting to send again.

Outgoing Emails

  • See all of the emails and SMSs sent by the club for the previous 12 months.
  • Filter by type of email (general, debt chase-up, registration invite, etc.)

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