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Outstanding Debtors

  • A single screen shows you everybody that owes money to the club across all club events and shop orders.
  • Take the awkwardness out of money collection by using our built-in email chase-up tools.
  • Each member that owes money receives an email with a link that takes them straight into their club member record - no usernames and no passwords.
  • If leveraging Majestri’s online credit/debit card payment processing service, your member can pay their debt immediately, removing them from your list.


  • Retain complete control over member mistakes and changes of situation with the power of Majestri adjustments:
    • Create a secondary invoice when they’ve been under-charged.
    • Credit off a portion of their debt when they’ve been over-charged.
    • Refund part or all of payments if necessary.
  • Take the guesswork out of each member’s financial situation with a complete tracking of debts, payments and adjustments - accurate to the cent.
  • Our detailed reporting shows all adjustments and who created them.

Revenue Reporting

  • Enjoy the flexibility of scrutinising member-generated club revenue for any time period you like.
  • Majestri is the only system that understands when money is collected how it is to be used. With this knowledge, the system can give you instance dollar values when reporting to revenue accounts into the club accounting system.
  • Revenue breakdowns across different club events and online shop activity.
  • Powerful exports give you details of all payments made, and even the micro-allocations of money within each single payment.

Integration to Xero

  • Majestri is proud to be a Xero partner application.
  • Extend the revenue reporting capabilities of Majestri by posting revenue transactions directly into Xero from Majestri, ready to be auto-reconciled against the club bank statement.
  • Xero transactions are created with links back into Majestri, so you can see directly the detailed Majestri sources of aggregated Xero transaction.
  • All historical revenue postings are tracked for auditing purposes.
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