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Let Majestri take on the burden of collecting money

  • For a payment processing fee, Majestri will optionally take all the effort and risk of handling money off your committee by offering the most comprehensive and flexible set of services that you’ll find, including:
  • Majestri deposits proceeds (minus charges) directly into the club bank account every week.
  • We offer complete transparency through the system with our weekly transfer overview.
  • Drill into each week to see a complete set of member payments, what they were for, and what the associated service charges were.

Online Credit/Debit Cards

  • Enjoy the benefits of members paying debts to the club live and immediately. That’s one less member you won’t have to chase for money.
  • Majestri runs a secure, PCI-compliant facility that does not store any card information.
  • Majestri takes care of all charge-back enquiries and discrepancies that can can occur in the banking system when a card is used.

Direct-Debited Payment Plans

  • Offer your members the flexibility of paying by installment, without the administration overhead that that can bring.
  • Completely integrated into the Majestri system, so forget about emailing around PDF files to get members signed up to third-party providers.
  • Members can apply for a plan at the checkout, for amounts and periods within a defined set of parameters.
  • Once a committee approves/declines a member’s application for a Payment Plan, the system will do the rest.
  • Track everybody’s schedule and progress through our built-in set of tools for the committee.


  • BPay is a payment facility that is already very familiar to your members. They pay a lot of their bills this way.
  • Majestri issues a unique CRN with each invoice your member generates. They simply use that in conjunction with our Biller Code and the amount they owe to settle their debt with the club.
  • Unlike the Reference field that gets filled in with an EFT, the CRN is unique, so we’ll never have to track down which of your members made a deposit.

Collect money directly from members

  • Offer alternate payment methods in addition to Majestri’s own payment processing services.
  • Our manual receipting function allows you to record every instance of a member paying off all or part of their debt directly to the club (EFT, POS, Cash, Cheque, Money Order).
  • Supports the receipting of subsidised State Government vouchers issued to club member families.

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