A monthly subscription fee with no lock-in contract, setup costs, or upgrade fees

Nobody on the committee has time to evaluate a complex pricing model in order to prepare a budget, so we’ve kept it as simple as possible.

  • Subscription Fee

    $49 per month

    Access to all the Majestri services

Optional add-ons

  • Payment Processing Service

    Let Majestri to take on the risk and admin overhead of collecting money from your members by offering them the most efficient and popular payment methods available - Credit/Debit Cards, BPay and Direct-Debited Payment Plans.

    The platform does not support surcharging of this cost, learn more in our Payments FAQs.

    2.9% per payment

  • SMS Credits

    For last-minute notifications, you simply cannot beat SMS messaging. Utilise our bulk SMS messaging features by pre-purchasing credits from us at cost price.

    6.6c per credit

  • Security Certificate Service

    Nowadays, every site on the Internet needs to be secured by a certificate, but the process of acquiring, installing and renewing them is still quite onerous and technical. Most clubs snap up the option of having us take the entire problem off the committee.

    $10 per month

All prices in AUD including GST.

No hidden charges or sneaky fees

The cost of subscription gets you a bundle of extreme value that includes:

  • Site Hosting

    The fee you normally pay to a website hosting service is all taken care of.

  • Access all areas

    We don’t have price tiers. All parts of the system are immediately available.

  • Turbo uptake

    Once you commit, you can be up and running as soon as you like for no extra cost.

  • Constant improvements

    We are seasoned pros at developing, shipping and refining software, and you can expect one long stream of enhancements with no upgrade costs.

  • Customised Event Packages

    For any event you run, we’ll build you a tailor-made fee calculator and registration form.

  • Developer Contact

    Talk regularly and directly to the team that build and maintain the system to request features and ask questions.

What our club officials are saying

I am the Treasurer of a netball club which uses Majestri. I put the club’s accounts onto Xero and then set Majestri up to integrate with Xero. The integration setup was incredibly easy and well explained by Majestri. I had no problems with the integration, but knew that Majestri was available to help if I needed. I have found the customer service excellent at Majestri and would highly recommend Majestri to any sporting club. It is fantastic!
Treasurer, Rangers Netball

You get more than just the best club software

Our one-of-a-kind system will make running your club a breeze, but there is more to Majestri.

  • Silver Service

    Our system is a market leader but our support is even better. We understand that the majority of our users are volunteers, so we make sure we’re giving responsive assistance all around the clock so that you don’t have any roadblocks to getting the job done.

  • Tight Feedback Loop

    The reason our software is so popular with clubs is that we built it with the direct assistance of many clubs. If you’ve got a problem or a feature request, you get to talk directly to the developers of the system - there is nobody in between you and us.

  • Years of Experience

    We have a tonne of experience building high-end software systems. Our development processes have been refined over many years, which means that you get to enjoy enhancements to the system with extreme regularity all year round with no more to pay.

Want to see Majestri in action?

Drop us a line and organise an online demo.